Before Moving

Before move:

A good thing to start with is decluttering. By going through your items and picking out the most important things to pack and things you might want to throw away. This will help lower the price of packing materials as well as make your move into your new home easier to unload.  
Organizing boxes by categories such as kitchen appliances, bedroom decor, and more can help make your move stress-free and easy. Start by packing things, not of necessity. Moving can be a long process so if you start with packing your less valuables and then pack things like clothing, bedding, and kitchen appliances you might need right after your move. You won’t have to worry about going back into boxes to grab things you need.  
Moving is a very stressful process, with many deadlines and arrangements to make. Give yourself lots of time, you don’t want to underestimate the number of things you have. But make sure to give yourself time so you are not rushed before your move.  
Items you will need when packing; Tape, Packing Paper, Boxes, Marker (for labeling)  

After move:

Now that your items are all in your new place it’s time to unpack. Having your boxes arranged into categories before your move helps make the after-move process a lot easier.

We recommend you start unpacking our essential items. This way your unpacking process won’t be as rushed because you already have everything you need right away available to you. Also, you get to spend more time decorating and arranging your new home/office without the worries of where you will put essential everyday items.